Tax Payers vs. Tax Consumers

Aesop’s fable about the Grasshopper and the Ant has taught the same lesson for 2,500 years.  After an idle summer the grasshopper expects to spend the winter under the care of the industrious ant.  The moral is one of self-reliance, and sacrifice today for comfort tomorrow.

Under the leadership of the modern Democrat party, the story is inverted.  Today we are told that the ant is too greedy.  We hear that the ant needs to pay his fair share.  We are lectured about the disadvantages of the grasshopper and hatred of the ant.

You need not believe me.  Or Mitt Romney and his “47 percent,” or any other right wing crank.  Believe Thomas Edsall.  Edsall is a good, respected member of the leftward media/academic elite.  Graduate of Brown and lecturer at the Columbia University school of journalism, Edsall has written for the Washington Post, New Republic, and currently, the New York Times.

In the New York Times Edsall writes:

“In broader terms, the political confrontation pits taxpayers, who now form the core of the center-right coalition, against tax consumers who form the core of the center-left.”

Tax-eaters against tax-payers.  With many others, I have been writing on this theme for months.  We have grasshoppers vs. ants, with the President and his party championing the grasshoppers, scorning the ants, and wanting more.

You can come to your own conclusion about how this battle will play out for the nation.  You can make your own guesses about what America might look like if the grasshoppers win, and what it might be if the ants win.   My question is which side will you take?


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