Obama Magic

I want to tell you a secret.  I have magical lint in my pocket.  How I got this lint is not important.  What is important is that you understand the amazing magic it contains.

Don’t scoff.

I can prove that my lint is a powerful talisman.

When this lint is in my pocket I am completely immune to attacks from tigers, sharks, and space aliens.  The lint provides land, sea, and air protection that is invaluable.  It is also an absolute fact that I have never – not once – suffered an attack from a tiger, shark, or E.T., while I had the lint in my pocket.  That is the 100 percent truth.

I understand your reticence to believe me.  It is an unusual claim that is largely unverifiable.  Before you laugh off my secret magic lint consider the argument valid because it is the same argument used by President Obama to justify his budgetary adventurism.

Obama and his surrogates have repeatedly conceded America is in a financial mess, but assure us it would all be much worse if Obama did not add $6 trillion in debt to buy the political version of magic lint.

The American economy has gotten worse under President Obama.  Debt, spending, and taxes have increased under his watch.  Unemployment has risen, and every precedent for economic recovery has been shattered by the prolonged recession that is comparable to the Japanese “lost decade.”  Yet, according to Obama, it could be worse.

What is worse is that you believed him.

Which reminds me; I have some lint I would be happy to sell to you.   Protecting your family from dangerous attacks is the only responsible and compassionate thing you can do.  Just imagine what might happen if you failed to protect your loved ones from aliens and sharks.


2 thoughts on “Obama Magic

  1. The biggest loss at this time is the loss of people in this country that believe in their own self reliance. It has become a society of “what is in it for me at the moment.” It has become all about free birth control, abortions, food stamps, unemployment checks, welfare checks. What can I get for nothing. What has happened to hard work and sacrafice for a better life? The Obama lifestyle is all about dependence on the government. Where is the pride that made this the finest place in the world?

    After this election I sat down and felt a very deep sadness for the country that I used to know. A country that balanced its budget, had the strongest military in the world and where no one looked for a handout. We prayed in church and also in school and thanked God every day for all our blessings. I will not lose the moral values that I have and will still proceed forward to stand by what I believe even when it is not the “politically correct” thing to do. I will never sit back and let anyone think that killing babies is OK and praising God is not.

    It has become a time for people to reach deep down in their souls and see exacty what you are made of.

    It is going to be a long hard 4 years with more debt and more regulations that are going to be hard to overcome but if each of us that believe in ourselves continues to do the right, moral thing we will, in some time, maybe bring these values back to be popular once again. If these values are too Conserative and unpopular with the mainstream that is something that really doesn’t concern me. I know my strength and the strength of values in my family and they will never be compromised at any time.

    I will never give up on my country and ask for the strength of God to get us back to what used to be our greatest asset, honesty and plain old “American Values.”

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