Stand for Something, or Fall for Anything.

Lech Walesa addressed the moral leadership of the United States in a 2006 address at Kansas State.  The Polish Nobel laureate meant to underscore the truth that for all its military and economic pre-eminance, if the United States ever came unbound from its moral bearings, it would cease to be a world leader.

Today, Mr. Walesa need not question the moral leadership of America.  Today, that question was definitively answered in New York City.

In New York City today, girls as young as 15 may obtain an abortifacient dose of the “morning-after pill” from the public schools and do so without parental consent or notification.  In New York City today, a grown man – a working, educated, tax-paying citizen – can not buy a Big Gulp sized cola.  Underage girls are free to choose to terminate pregnancies at taxpayer expense and competent adults are not free to choose to purchase a large sugary beverage.

In New York City today, Barack Obama, President of the United States, and as such the pre-eminent defender of the U.S. Constitution, stood before the United Nations General Assembly and denounced an exercise of free speech that produced an offensive video that Muslim terrorists have used as an excuse for murder.  Meanwhile, in New York City, government funding put the infamous “Piss Christ” back on public display.  The U.S. government will not tolerate freedoms that insult foreign anti-Americans, but will pay to insult the faith of its own citizens.

Taken individually, different people will come to different conclusions on these four issues.  For instance, you may believe life begins at implantation rather than conception and thus support the morning-after bill as birth control rather than as an abortifacient.  Yet all are forced by logic to agree that there is no moral code that grants adolescents dominion over their bodies but denies it to adults.  If you try to hold both thoughts you are left with the obvious, that is, no moral code.

Only one conclusion is possible, that America, at least as represented by a national and city leader, is a hypocrite nation.  Their America has no standards, no objective measurement for right and wrong.  It is an America that is meaningless to the point of nihilism.

Since it is an overused word it is worth reviewing that a hypocrite is one who pretends to hold certain virtues that he does not actually possess.  It is akin to being a liar.  The difference comes from the etymology of the word.  A hypocrite is an actor, a false portrayer.  Hypocrisy is, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, a serious sin.  Unfortunately, our leaders see no sin to repent from.  They have elevated their opinions, made haphazardly and without an underlying principle, to imposed truth.

Without standards, without respect for reason, without principles, the United States can have no moral leadership.  In the same speech Lech Walesa said “the model of democracy for the rest of the world was the democracy that you have here in the United States.”  America recognized right and wrong, and crucially stood with right against wrong.  Therefore America was worth emulating.

Without the American model it is difficult to imagine what the world would be like, and without established truths it is easy to understand that the American model could be no more.


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