DNC Night 1: You Belong To Them

Trembling with fear Dorothy and her gang stand before the great and powerful Oz.  Then it happens, Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal a flawed charlatan.  Desperately spinning gears and flipping levers Oz delivers the iconic line, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Thus the theme of the 2012 Democrat National Convention was born.  “Pay no attention to that economy behind the President,” was the rallying cry from the speakers assembled on night one.  To suggest otherwise was to trigger counter-accusations of lying.  Former Governor Ted Strickland executed his mission with farcical ruthlessness.  Strickland leveled the most direct accusation of lying before deking into rhetoric about Santa Claus, the Swiss Alps, and distrust for candidates who withhold personal records (unless that candidate is a Democrat).

The number of people on food stamps has doubled, $5 trillion in new debt added to the national burden, household income fallen by more than $4,000, an official unemployment rate of 8.3 percent with most experts saying the real number of out of work is closer to 14 percent, starting salaries for college graduates reduced to 2005 levels, the black unemployment rate reaching 16.7 percent, six million more Americans falling into poverty, and seven million home foreclosures: that is the American economy under President Obama.

With neck-snapping cognitive dissonance the DNC speakers harped on about contraception and Pell grants.   Seriously, Pell grants were a major point for no fewer than three prime time speeches.

Fear not, Congressman Jared Polis reminded us that Republicans mocked when we [Obama] said we would heal the planet, “but we will heal the planet.”  So, no need for the mortals to worry about mundane details like crushing debt.

Yet, night one of the DNC was a relative success for the President.  Rahm Emmanuel managed his remarks without blurting expletives, the first lady energized the faithful by talking not about the Presidents accomplishments but his feelings, and Joe Biden was kept silent.

The Democrat Party, the one running on a platform that removed its sole mention of God without much of a debate and added 131 mentions of Barack Obama, did give us a glimpse of reality.  At the start of the convention, before the chiefs of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the National Abortion Rights Action League took the podium, the President’s men shared an inspirational video that described their governing philosophy.

The video produced by the DNC host committee told Americans that we “all belong to the government.”  You can click your heels all you want, but there is no going home.  Not if Obama stays in the White House, because you belong to Big Government.  That is why there was more talk about Pell grants than the Constitution in Charlotte Tuesday night.  The great and powerful Oz-bama does not lead a government that belongs to the people.   Pretend there is nothing behind the curtain and simply enjoy the show.


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