Short, Sharp, Shots

This blog has been inactive lately but not because I am running low on opinions.  To the contrary, my notebooks are filling up with ideas and topics.  Unfortunately other demands have monopolized my time.

  • The recent midnight movie massacre in Colorado is a tragedy and my prayers are with the victim’s families.
  • Naturally, the fatal shootings have prompted the usual suspects to call for new gun control laws.   “Liberties be damned,” they say, “we must act to save lives.” Yet, in the past week, two young, healthy women have died inside the abortion clinics at the hands of Planned Parenthood doctors.  I wonder why those same crusaders are not calling for an end to abortion.
  • Colorado is a concealed carry state, but, private property owners, such as the proprietors of the movie theater in Aurora, may ban possession on their property.   It is proper to reserve that right to property owners.  However, an effective total ban did not stop the killer from bringing three weapons into the theater.  The ban did make sure his shooting spree was uncontested by any armed, law-abiding, citizen.  It bears repeating, bad guys and mad men do not give a damn about the laws.
  • Having some familiarity with the Penn State community, the idolization of Joe Paterno has always struck me as odd, if not creepy.  He may have run a clean program, been a good teacher, maintained good graduation rates, and all the other things his supporters have always claimed.  Yet Joe Paterno was only a football coach; he was a man dedicated to a game.  That may be fine, but it is hardly reason for canonization.  Now that we know of the rot and moral indifference inside his program the man has nothing.  Joe Paterno tolerated evil not because he was evil himself, but because he was dedicated to nothing more than a game.   There should never have been a statue of JoePa.  Tearing it down is the very least the University can do.
  • Obamacare will cost Americans $5 billion more than previously estimated, according to the Congressional Budget Office.  The previous estimate was already $3 billion more than predicted when the leviathan was presented to Congress.  The costs keep rising – and the number of people covered keeps decreasing – while we are still 18 months away from it becoming effective.  Remember, Obamacare was never about health care.  It is about control and power.
  • It baffles me that every week America inches closer to outlawing cigarettes while simultaneously liberalizing access to and use of illegal drugs.  I suppose some people are not troubled with logic or consistency.
  • I do not see the problem with voter identification laws.  I have to show state issued identification to buy alcohol, cigarettes, rent a car, board a plane, open a bank account, and more.  Why should I not have to show id when voting?  ID would ensure eligibility and reduce abuses.  Do not believe any demagogue claiming the need for ID is a return to Jim Crow.
  • Obama has filmed a campaign commercial inside the White House.  This seems wrong – the White House does not belong any man or any political party.  It should not be used as a campaign prop.  Have others President’s done this?  If so, they too were wrong.  ABC News reports the Clinton and Carter used footage from inside the White House, while W. Bush used footage from outside the White House, in campaign ads.  Reagan and Ford allowed the use of White House footage for “documentaries.”  But then, can we believe anything ABC News reports?
  • The Olympics are coming.  I will watch, but I will still resent the presence of professional athletes.
  • The Dark Knight Rises movie was brilliant, as was the entire trilogy.   I most appreciate the clear connection between the Occupy-inspired unrest and the actions of the French Revolution.  Director Nolan, who was reportedly reading a Tale of Two Cities during filming, understands the civilizational stakes at play in Gotham and our world.  If there is a backlash against Batman by critics (as there was for the Dark Knight for its “War on Terror” allegory) it will be for this reason.

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