O(bama’s) Canada

Way back in 2008, Barack Obama was making bold promises to his breathless followers.  Among other things he was the man who would slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.  If command of such Biblical power were not enough for you, Obama – in the same speech – vowed to “restore our [national] image.”  Let’s just say that Obama has done a better job cultivating the economy than improving America’s reputation aboard.  Now, a report emerges that even with our sibling nation, Canada, America is worse off now than before the planet-healer’s arrival.

If – like the New York Times – you have not paid much attention, Obama has virtually destroyed America’s standing in the world.   Sure, he has apologized and bowed to every despot determined to see America stumble, but it is his treatment of our allies that is most alarming.

Israel has serially been shown disdain, and Poland betrayed by our feeble and failed efforts to “reset” with Moscow.  With Mother England the insults and undercutting have been so egregious that major British newspapers publish Top Ten lists of insults, and do so on an annual basis.  The Obama Administration has seriously wounded our closest Central American ally, Honduras, ignored dissidents and human rights activists in China, offended Japan with protocol breaches, and damaged the trust of Taiwan.  Just recently, while lecturing Germany on how to manage the Eurozone fiscal situation, Obama was effectively told to go pound sand.

What of our dear friend and neighbor?  Surely, polite, communitarian Canada, our sister country in the community of nations, must be immune from the amateurish and thoughtless foreign policy of the 44th President.

This week Foreign Affairs described in painful detail how Obama has “botched” America’s relationship with our conjoined twin and largest trading partner.

Favoring activist special interest groups and obsequious unions over the economy of two nations, Obama has thwarted the Keystone pipeline, enacted protectionist policies that hinder free trade and run counter to NAFTA, and withheld support for the thoroughfare (Detroit-Windsor bridge) over which a full 25 percent of US-Canadian trade occurs.  Diplomatic backhands compound the problem.

Canada, our great ally, is being driven into direct talks with powers like Russia, and left to seek support from nations like Japan and Korea.  Obama’s swipes at Canada are hurting American interests, America’s economy, and our national influence.


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