Short, Sharp, Shots – II

  • Not one Democrat in the Senate or House voted in support of President Obama’s proposed budget.  Not one.   This is the second year in a row that Obama has received this astonishing slap of no confidence.  This is big news – and it is virtually unreported.
  • New studies show that same-sex couples that have the legal ability to marry generally don’t.  That is, homosexuals in committed relationships get married at a rate 80 percent lower than their heterosexual counterparts.  This does nothing to change the debate over same-sex marriage, but it interesting nevertheless.
  • I tend to agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano that government drones providing domestic surveillance are unconstitutional.  Liberals and conservatives should join with libertarians to oppose Big Brother flyovers.
  • Joe Biden is ridiculous.  The man is an absolute embarrassment.  Dogs can be trained to stay quiet, why can’t Biden?  If you needed yet another reason to oppose Barack Obama the fact that he put Joe Biden a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency should be reason enough.
  • It is a real shame that some people cannot tolerate a difference of opinion.  Playing to win is one thing.  Playing to destroy and marginalize is something else altogether.
  • The forces of tolerance and open-mindedness have banned boxing great Manny Pacquiao from visiting a Los Angeles mall.  Why, because despite being a big supporter of Democrats, Manny opposes same-sex marriage.  I guess tolerance is only something other people need.
  • If President Obama is worth – as is reported – over $10 million, why are the taxpayers asked to foot the bill for Michelle’s frequent and lavish vacations?   Actually, the net worth of Obama has nothing to do with it.  The President is supposed to be a citizen, like the rest of us, not a monarch.
  • I wish I could blog about New York State politics and government.  But I can’t.  At least not yet.
  • John Lennon was a wife beater, an abusive father (of Julian at least), a serial liar, a rank hypocrite, and a supporter of violent causes.  Why have we deified this guy?  I grant you that some of his music is good, and his collaborations with Paul McCartney are outstanding, but so what?  Can a three minute pop tune wash away things like domestic violence?

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