“Look on Obama’s works ye mighty and despair.”

“Humility is the foundation of all virtues,” said Confucious.  It is because I accept the Master’s instruction that I have good reason to doubt any virtue in Barack Obama.

President Obama has (as he is ultimately responsible for the actions of his staff) inserted himself into the official White House biographies of past presidents.  “Ridiculous” and “absurd” fail as adjectives to this.  Shelley’s Ozymandias seems more apt, or  for Obama acolytes perhaps Byron’s Prometheus Bound.

Anyone who pens two autobiographies upon reaching middle age deserves to have his humility questioned, but the shamelessness of Obama’s excessive pride seems to know no limits.  The latest insult to good taste and basic manners is so outrageous that one must even question if the man has any friends.  Surely someone in his circle should have warned him about the latest embarrassment.

One should be able to read a short biography of Reagan, Roosevelt, or Coolidge, without stumbling across a heavy handed reference to the political embellishments of Mr. Obama.   Calvin Coolidge, a man of austerity and temerity, left office 32 years before Obama was born, yet, there is Verbose Barack written right into the history of Silent Cal.

Re-writing history has a long and shameful history.  It is tempting to link Obama to the others who changed the history books to reflect positively on themselves.  Though it may be appropriate, I will refrain from those comparisons.  This episode is so bizarre and distasteful that I still hope it some sort of accident that the President and his men correct – soon.


One thought on ““Look on Obama’s works ye mighty and despair.”

  1. You’re right: Calvin Coolidge was the MAN. You don’t have to get to far into his CV to see that, even before his terms as president.

    As for BO’s fascination with himself, that’s just the way he is. And it should be reason #43,879 why we request him to vacate the White House in November.

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