Short, Sharp, Shots – Quick Points on Varied Issues

  • Today construction of the Freedom Tower, successor to the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, will inch past the Empire State Building thus becoming the tallest building in Manhattan.  Network news sources tell me to cheer this accomplishment.  I cannot.  Far from a symbol of American defiance in the face of terrorism, the Freedom Tower has become a symbol of American decline.   The Empire State Building – from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting – was built in 14 months, during the Great Depression, with the technology of 1931.  With the world watching, the Freedom Tower has been mired in political contrivances, union concerns, regulatory snafus, and debate.  The World Trade Center site has been an open sore for eleven years.   It is unlikely that the Freedom Tower will be open before January 1, 2014.
  • My wife and I have combined for two baccalaureate degrees, two masters degrees, and most of the coursework needed for a doctoral degree.  Owing to an aggressive repayment plan, we have a single student loan payment remaining.  Now there is talk of varied federal assistance – perhaps even loan forgiveness – programs.  We did the right thing and neither asked nor received any repayment gift.  Others who delayed repayment or over-borrowed may benefit from a wave of the government magic wand.  Do not talk to me about “fairness.”  Ever.
  • Some people genuinely support President Obama and his policies.   Though I may disagree, I can accept an embrace of Obama.  What I will not accept is that anyone genuinely supports Vice President Biden.   So do me a favor.  Before you slap that Obama-Biden sticker on your Prius, salvage a little credibility by cutting off Biden.
  • If you somehow deny the liberal bias of the mainstream media consider two points.  First, honestly tell me if you think Dan Quayle and Joe Biden have been treated equally by the networks and big daily newspapers.  Second, honestly tell me if you think Barack Obama (through four years in office) and Mitt Romney (who has yet to receive his party’s nomination) receive the same treatment from late night comedians.
  • Overrated actor Samuel L. Jackson (replace Jackson with Laurence Fishburne in any role and the movie just got better) publicly avowed that “I voted for Barack because he was black,” and that “his [Obama’s} message didn’t mean s**t to me.”  Thank you Mr. Jackson for a perfect demonstration of racism.  I hope Mr. Jackson thanked the media for letting that one largely slide by.
  • For a perfect demonstration of hypocrisy look to “anti-bullying advocate” Dan Savage.  Mr. Savage responds to disagreement in the most puerile, juvenile, lewd, and hateful manner possible.   Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign was a brilliant and laudatory success, but that does not change the fact that his hate-fueled bile is the epitome of bullying.
  • The United State Senate has not passed on budget in more than three years.   Seems to me that fact should be big news.
  • By the latest numbers, 59 percent of Americans expect Obama will win re-election.  However, only 47 percent of Americans are currently planning to vote for Obama.  Do you sense any effect of biased coverage in those incongruous numbers?
  • The U. S. Government mandates that federal agencies categorize Americans with roots in Spanish speaking countries as either “Hispanic” or “Latino.”  Pew Research reports that only 24 percent of those federally-determined Hispanic or Latino Americans view themselves as Hispanic or Latino.  America would do well to put dump racial boxes in the trash heap and let Americans be Americans, regardless of where their grandparents were born.
  • The news reports every tick in changing public opinions on politics, race, sexual orientation, and more.  That’s fine.  However, public support for private gun ownership is at a twenty-year high, while public support for gun control policies is at an all-time low.  Can’t say I recall that being reported on the evening news.

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