Loving the Chris Brown Backlash

Life has been pretty good for Chris Brown since 2009.  Three years ago he was convicted of a felony assault for ferociously beating his girlfriend, thus placed a horrifying punctuation mark on the “no such thing as bad publicity” trope.

Immediately following the charges Brown’s career did take a shortlived backslide.  After that tiny hiccup he has had five top 20 songs, including two #1 hits, an album that reached #1 on the charts, a starring role in a Hollywood movie, the Soul Train Award for album of the year, six nominations for BET awards, and three grammy nominations, including a win for best R&B album.  Today Chris Brown is worth a reported $22 million – that is enough to take the sting out of six months of community service.

Finally the Chris Brown backlash has begun.   At last, there are stories that mention Chris Brown that make me smile.

It seems a lot of credit to owed to country singer Miranda Lambert who did what few other have done.  Ms. Lambert used her celebrity for something good.  All she did was announce that “beating up on a woman is never OK,” at a concert and the crowd went wild.

I salute Lambert for having courage rare in the entertainment industry.  Unsurprisingly, the courage came from the country-western enclave miles away from the coastal power centers.  But let us not stop there.

Buzzfeed (which by the way has gotten a lot better and a much more even-handed since Ben Smith took over) ran a scroll of 25 twitter posts from women who said things like, “I’ve said many times before, Chris Brown can beat me all he wants… I’d do anything to have him oh my.”   Shocked by the Buzzfeed item, the internet has unleashed its anger on Brown.

I guess it has became safe enough for mainstream artists to say something.  Seth Rogan (who I really enjoy) slammed Brown while hosting the Independent Spirit Awards (whatever that is).   Rogan even threw a shot at bully director Brett Ratner.

Now professional wrestlers are asking to fight Brown, and at least one comedian is offering a cash reward to anyone who punches Brown.

Brown’s response is summed up by his twitter post “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F— OFF!”

Brown is working on a number of collaborations, a new album, concert tour, and a movie.   Let’s see if those tour dates go unsold, and those projects get cancelled. I hope this backlash lasts long enough to end his career.


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