Medieval Tea Party

For as long as I can remember three heroes dominated my imagination.  King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Luke Skywalker.  Though Lucas has since managed to sully just about everything in the Star Wars universe, these heroes endure because they are ideals.   As legends they are infallible and incorruptible.

However, that has not stopped some from trying to corrupt what they represent.

News media will often refer to a tax plan that imposes greater levies on high earners as a “Robin Hood” plan.  This irritates me to no end.

The legendary Robin Hood – differentiated from whatever historical Robin Hood may or may not have been – did not rob from the rich to give to the poor.  The Sheriff may have called him a thief, but Robin did not steal.  Robin reclaimed.

Robin Hood took from the corrupt and the illegitimate.  He reclaimed the property of the ordinary man from the unjust powerful man.   Robin Hood took from the government – King John – to return money to the overtaxed families of his country.

Robin Hood was the original tea partier.   He rejected confiscatory taxation extracted through the force of government.   He fought for the natural rights of Locke and Montesquieu, defending the right of citizens to hunt the land and keep the rewards of their own labor.

The poor of Nottingham were impoverished by the ruling elite.  No revolutionary, Robin did not seek anarchy, but the restoration of a legitimate and benign ruler; Richard the Lion Heart.

The legendary Robin Hood remains a hero to me, perhaps more than ever, and in spite of an atrocious Kevin Costner movie.


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